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What are the different types of website

what are the different types of website
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what is the type of website we have in real time scenario? In simple term, a website is divided based on its qualities it is divided into three types called

1.static website

2.Dynamic website

3.CMS (Content management system)

How do you develop it what are the tools and features requires to develop this concept?

Static website

For a static website, we require HTML, CSS, and javascript this basic HTML programming. Let us assume you have got a project and the client is a doctor. He has a small clinic and he asked you to develop a website of five pages, he says I just want five pages website at the basic level. I want a home page, about us page, my services, contact page and inquiry form that’s it. Now you see in earlier days all this type of small website we used to just develop static version.

Why the name is a static website?The content is almost constant, it won’t keep changing for that reason we called is as a static website, the site is designed using HTML, CSS, and javascript. If you are interested to become a web designer then you have to learn backend coding. It is done by a web designer who take care of all this process. For our marketing point of view, we can target a limited keyword due to limited pages on the website. One of the biggest drawbacks of a static website is editing is a difficulty, any client himself cannot edit there should be a designer who will do the editing. That is a negative part of our concept of the static website.

Dynamic website

How will do the dynamic website?

The technologies used in the dynamic website are PHP my SQL,ASP.NET.JSP. Imagine the same doctor who has given the project now he has started one hospital after many years of hard work. there are many doctors in there, there is many payment options are there and he wants appointment system a lot of things he wants to do then you will see the single page or five pages website is not enough for the doctor, so he will ask to make a dynamic website.

.Website developed with advanced programming and database integration.

.Used to develop a unique concept website as per client requirements.

CMS (Content management system)

This is the best option, why because it is readymade application, design for a non-technical user like you and me who don’t know to programme but still we can edit the website, we can design the website, we can manage the website, everything we can do without even a single line of writing the code. That is the power of cms, in fact, you know what is an amazing part of cms is we can do e-commerce website. We can design classified website, we can design basic real state portal, which means what the cms company did is they have developed one big application, on the top of application we can add e-commerce, we can add the forum, we can add gallery system anything you want we can develop. This is the same as if you are using the android device you can see that most of the phone running android ios. Android  Ios is nothing but a base system which will run your phone right than any app you want you can install on that, you can customize the phone as you want. In the same manner, here we are using the concept of the cms system without any coding, complicity we can develop our website, we can change the design, we can change the content, feature, image everything is changeable as per our choice and requirement. In short, I want to drink some coffee, one option is required milk, coffee powder, and sugar if you are preparing at home, you require certain basic thing by that you can be prepared a coffee, right that is the easy way, but you see in the office all these are not available. what is the simple option most company we have the coffee machine, you just go there and press the button and you get the coffee. In the same way, cms are actually working as a coffee machine. It is all readymade and setup, but good thing of cms is we have customizing option. In the coffee machine, we don’t much customization, but in cms, we have customization option where we can change the features as we want that is the most powerful system nowadays almost 75% of the website they basically done with the help of cms only.

What are the top cms we have in our real time?





Magento is completely for a different concept. It is very good for an e-commerce website. Rest all of these three will do the same work. The outcome will be similar, but the only thing is the backend process and requirement, that differs from one server to another server. For example, I want to go from place A to place B, right if I have a choice of going by which vehicle that our choice, we can choose any vehicle, but I will go to the destination, but what will changes features will in that, correct. In the same manner, every professional will be expertise in one subject, he may be expert in WordPress or Joomla or Drupal whatever, anyone subject if you want to learn you will eligible to design the professionally good looking, very high-quality website in real-time.

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