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Choosing a web hosting service and web hosting tips

Choosing a web hosting schossing a web hosting service and web hosting tips
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Web hosting is the hosting server to store website files, database, email, and other application. It is one of the main components of the website.

what exactly is the web hosting ?

The basic idea of web hosting server is to store our file whatever the  pages, email, image and content we have, right to store the page, image all the information which is stored in our live server is basically done on web hosting server when we want to launch our website after buying a domain name we have to buy the web hosting space.

Web hosting basically comes in two operating systems most of the time.

1.Window operating system.

2.Linus operating system.

what is use of this window and linus operating system ?

It is a simple concept like see if you are buying a phone, right you will decide which operating system you want whether you want to go with the Android version or whether you want to go with ios version. The window is also popular at that time you will consider window depending on your requirement you will choose either window or Linus operating system, correct. In the same manner, when we are buying the web hosting server we have the option to select whether the window or Linus server. It is up to your choice whichever you want you can select but what is the differences between these two servers?

Linus will be much cheaper and will be low-cost and also it will support a lot of open source technology like it support WordPress, joomla, drupal even window also support but sometimes there will be compatibly issues for that reason generally we would prefer to use to go with the Linus operating system in real time scenario even price will be differences between window and  Linus operating system .Linus will be cheaper compare to window server but you will decide which you want. The window is used mainly if you are using a .NET programming language in that scenario you will using a window operating system. That is the first option of the operating system we have to choose.

Hosting space:(storage space)

we have to decide how much of hosting space do you want for your website. what is the hosting space ?

when you buy a phone you will decide how much ram or storage area space should have if you are buying an I phone you will decide whether 32GB or 64 GB etc. that is space which is available on the phone. In the same way, when we are buying the web hosting server we will actually also decide how much capacity do you want. Generally in small website will not occupied more than 100mb that is very small website occupied less than 100mb but nowadays because of  hard disk are very cheap and space are very cheap so in general you can get data storage of easily 1GB, 10GB,20GB minimum packages will be there and there is one more marketing strategy most of the company are nowadays using it they will offer unlimited space and hosting but remember there is nothing like unlimited here there are certain amount of at one level what actually they allow you to do is you can create as many pages as you want but they still have physically limited from the server site. That is web hosting space.

Bandwidth (monthly transfer link)

Especially in India you have some service provider they will give us 2mb or 20mb even 50mb connection that is internet connection but they also put a limit in a month if you exceed this limit then your speed will automatically become slow. In same manner this option is limited what happens exactly is if they give the limit of 10GB that means once the 10GB amount of data is transferred from your website automatically your website will show an error that bandwidth limited exceed. If your website gets a lot of visitors what happen suddenly the traffic will increase and bandwidth increases, in that case, your website may be actually suspended or it will not be visible to the customer. So always keep in mind two thing we have to consider, storage space and bandwidth.


we need to check whether our hosting is providing email or not, some company gives 5email id some company gives 50email id depending our package you purchase they will give your company email id which means example if you have registered a domain name like xyz.com when buying a hosting then I have a choice how many email addresses do I need for this website that I can decide.


The database is completely related to the backend storage process like any website we are doing in real-time it requires some backend database storage like data that scenario database will be used in the actual server. When we buy hosting package we have to look at what is the operating system they are offering how much hosting space they are providing and what is bandwidth and email and how much is the database storage. Generally, you will not see this information and is not available directly, you have to go to more details. This information is available right in front of the website. If you buy a phone it will depend on your personal priority which version, what space you want all that for example web hosting is divided into actually four the category.

1.Shared hosting.

2.VPS hosting.

3.Dedicated hosting.

4,Cloud server.

Shared hosting:

What does we get in shared hosting, generally if you see the basic idea of shared hosting is th hosting company buy one big server and this server can be 1TB,5TB of hard disk can be on the server even more also it will have very  heavy processor and a lot of things will be there on this processor.

All this concept space does any normal person can require such a huge space ?

we do not require, it so cost also very expensive for one website. what shared hosting do is they take one server and virtually divided this server into en-number of account and a single server we can have multiple websites hosted that is basically called shared hosting. example you went to college, alright and you are staying in the hostel what college will do they will not give each person a separate  room, they will give one single room two or three occupancies you have to share the room, right in the same manner herein share hosting what the web hosting doing is that they are  taking a big server and breaking it into small pieces and each of this they are selling to individual customer whoever want this individual website. It is very cheap =starting @$3 per month for one site.

VPS Hosting (virtual private server)

.One single server there will be limited websites.

.Suitable for medium business and speed is fast.

.It is  expensive=starting @$25 per month for one VPS account

Dedicated server

.A Single website is hosting on one server.

.Very popular and used by The big portal and heavy traffic site.

.It is very expensive and the cost depends on configuration=starting @$50 per month.

Cloud hosting

The latest and new generation of hosting is called as cloud hosting.

.This virtual environment for our site on the server.

.Flexible package and can be changed easily.

.Difficult to configure the server setting.

.It starts @$5 per month.

This is the four types of web hosting package we have depending on our project we will choose. One more is there that is called data center. This is used by a very large company like a big bank, stock exchange. In short data center means the collection of multiple servers altogether configure as one big server.

Here is the list of some popular hosting company:

.Big rock

.Host gator



.Known host

.Site ground

Depending on your company requirements you can choose any of the options. Once we buy the hosting the web hosting company will send a mail to us with all details like user id, password c-panel and that they have very important information called as nameserver1,nameserver2.this two address are actually connector of your domain name then only everyone in this world can able to access your domain name.

choosing a web hosting service and web hosting tips


How to do the business of our web hosting ?

If you are offering services to your client you can offer two services that are Domain Reseller and Hosting Reseller. Once you become a freelancer or you work as a company there are two opportunities you have one is you can become a domain reseller or become a hosting reseller. You will buy multiple packages at a time, you will buy 50 account server at a time and you have to pay yearly that price. For example, if you are paying 15 thousand per year for that 15 thousand you can get 50GB space,1000GB transfer, unlimited website what you can do when you are buying a reseller hosting you will become a company where any of client which you come to you, you can sell them to web hosting space. Actually how does it work is suppose you buy the package of around 15 thousand rupees per year and you get 50Gb space so what I will do is because of I having 50GB space I will  divide all this each space into 1GB space and maximum I can create up to  50 accounts or websites so here is the logic what I can do is now I can sell each account minimum 1000 rupees per year which means my total  revenue for this entire concept is 50 thousand rupees and what is my investment, only 15 thousand rupees. There is also one problem getting 50 accounts is very challenging because you have to get that many clients very quickly. The company will ask you to full payment whether there is 10 account or 20 accounts in that doesn’t matter. They will be charging you yearly whatever packages, it is nothing but it is business, of course, you see the retailer store, guys, what they do they buy from a wholesaler at a low price and they sell at an MRP, that is how reseller can be done.

What are the different types of website

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