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Online reputation management strategy

online reputation management strategy
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Most of the people don’t care about online reputation management. People spend lacks and crores rupees on their advertisement, on their marketing, there will be investing in ad word, facebook, YouTube everywhere but few people or company actually focus on online reputation management. So the question is what is online reputation management or how do we do the online reputation of a brand or a person.

Definition of online reputation management:

Online reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand to improve its reputation and remove any negative reference about the brand.

In short, what is online reputation management is it is processed by which strategy we try to make sure that the company or brand basically our job is to remove all the negative references and try to show that particular brand or company as positive as possible that strategy is called online reputation management.

Now the question will arise is what is the reason for doing it?

you might have heard this famous quote that it takes 20 years to build a business but a few minutes or few second to destroy the reputation of the business and that’s a reality in general if you see if you want to build a very nice building right it may take years and years of hard work and

a lot of time and effort but I want to collapse a building that much of time is not required correct the same thing applies in online reputation management

also, see building a business or building a brand it may take a lot of time but you know to break your reputation it can be very easy you may lose

everything with no time. We have to make sure and keep in eye on the concept of reputation management for a personal point of view as well as a professional point of view to make sure you are doing the right thing for your business and your personal point of view so that you are not going to struggle and suffer because of negative reputation.

why we need and what is the requirement for online reputation management?

. Negative reputation can damage the brand image.

. 79% of consumer trust online reviews as much as personal recommendation.

. 90% of customer say buying decisions are influence by online reviews.

. Negative results about your brand will impact your sales very badly.

. People will share negative more quickly than positive.

one negative reputation or negative thing about the business there is a possibility that the entire business will be shut down. I want to tell one story there was a multi-millionaire jewelry who has having a chain of a jewelry store in the UK. There was in conference someone asked how you able to maintain such a good profit margin?

what he says is this stone is just a waste and I am selling it very expensive to the waste people that was one sentence he said and the entire business was you know he was out of business completely. So make sure you very careful regarding the reputation management don’t take it as an easy concept one negative is enough to completely spoil the business and brand image. People will share negative more quickly than positive believe me or not this the reality, this is human nature when you

see something positive or something happened good thing to you, you are not going to share about the brand, whereas one negative happened regarding the brand 10 positive one negative what will you say this worse company or person in all that. This happens in a relationship, this happens in e-commerce related business and hotel and restaurant

everywhere you see one small negative you are going to make big out of it. That is human nature. That reason makes sure for your brand or for your business you don’t have any negativity connected with your brand or business which is going to definitely have a very bad effect on your business.

so implement online reputation managementfrom the time you have started the project. When you start a project for your brand make sure you monitor all the online reputation management factor, you have to keep eye on

what people are saying about your brand, what is happening related to brand so that any negative happens you can able to control it. without online reputation management brand can collapse anytime even because of a small or simple issue.

when we are working on project for a client or company what are the area should we focused?

1.search engine: The first area where we have to focus to prepare a positive reputation and remove all the negative reference of our brand or individual is a search engine.

2.Review website: There are a lot of people who read the review and they make a decision positive or negative. Review website is also very important for managing our reputation.

3. Complain website: When a customer is very badly affected with your business and he is not at all happy with you first try to resolve the issues but if it is not resolved right away go to complain website and write complain against your brand.

4.Social media: This is one of the most dangerous areas of online reputation management. If you see one something goes viral then it is very difficult to stop because the problem is today’s world is like a publisher and editor right when the internet was not popular at that time media was able to control right what news has to people see for example if you take

television or newspaper every individual can’t publish on television or newspaper it is impossible. So the media agency able to handle what thing will go into public and what thing won’t go into public use to able to control the brand reputation very easily, but today the problem is every person is now himself is a publisher that makes very difficult for the company and individual to manage the reputation management.

5.Blog and website: We have to monitor the blog and website, how do we work in this concept?

. search engine; search engine reputation problem what issue we may face in search engine. First, we will see the problem then we come up with the solution right solution is not immediate it can take time, effort and a lot of manpower. The problem we face in Google search engine is called autosuggestion issues, any queries associated with negativity aspect we can say any brand which coming up that queries in auto-suggestion.

. Related search: You may have noticed at the bottom of the search result when you search for the queries and you get some subqueries at the bottom this types of search queries which are actually negative. Most of the time user mind get divert and he may not buy your product, that’s the reason we have to very careful regarding this concept. These are two types of problem we have.

how do we solve this problem?

1.Identify the total no. of negative queries and its volume.

2.Identify the positive queries which you want to add to suggestion.

3.Prepare a team to search positive queries from different place using desktop, mobile and tablets.

4.Build link with positive anchor text from diversified sources.

5.Analyse the progress in 1-2 month and repeat the process.

Monitoring reviews

what is basically a review? It is feedback, customer can write positive feedback or negative feedback depending on how is your services. That’s a reality.

online reputaton management strategy

Review sources

Monitor all the sources where customers can share review about your business.

Common sources ✔️ Google my business page

✔️Face book reviews

✔️Mouth shut

✔️Glass door ✔️ Yelp ✔️ Local websites

Hotel/Restaurant   ✔️Trip adviser Online food delivery ✔️ Hotel aggregators

Product ✔️Own website ✔️ Amazon ✔️ Flip kart.

Solution for Reviews

1.Create a reviews page in your own website.

2.Encourage your satisfied customer to write reviews.

3.Respond to negative reviews in professional manner.

4.If negative reviews  are posted directly contact your customer and sort out the issues with negotiation.

5.If the reviews is fake eliminate the reviews with the help of flagging method and respond positively.

Monitoring complain

1.Take every complaint seriously and train you staff to resolve the complaint quickly.

2.Monitor all complaints and work for quick resolution for issue.

3.If possible negotiate with customer to resolve the issue with mutual understanding.

Strategy for complain

1.Create a customer support page on your site to make sure you respond positively to any complaint.

2.Try to resolve the complaints at earliest.

3.Create your company official account on complaint sites to respond to complaints.

4.Monitor the progress of the resolution if issue is complex.

5.Don’t irritate the customer, else he may file a case in customer court or file a legal case.

Website and blog

1.Monitor search results for brand related queries.

2.Report to Google to remove brand websites related to your brand.

3.Eliminate the website by reporting to corresponding hosting provider.

Monitor your brand

1.Get Google alerts via email when Google sees results to your queries.

2.Face book graph search to monitor on FB.

3.Use tweeter search for brand terms.

4.Use socialmention.com to monitor social result.

5.Use www.icerocket.com for instant results on blog and social sites.

Paid tools

.Trackur-social media monitoring

.Naymz-social media reputaton

.Rankur-monitor reputation.

Paid tools are tracking purpose any of these tools we can use it depend on your budget and requirement but generally if you work for small company, you don’t require this tools, without that tool also you can easily workout because for small company we won’t have that brand mention and that much of complexity but for big company you definitely have to  use the paid tool to do the source online reputation management.

In short lets summaries everything together in online reputation management our goal is only one thing that if any negative thing happens against your brand try to minimize the negative thing about the brand and try to increase the positivity of the brand and where do we looking at? Search engine,  reviews website, complaint site, the social media network, external blog and website so anywhere we have a problem we will sort out the issues. That is where online reputation management is use and see sometime already the damage happened then we have to come with a new strategy to recover that problem example if you see the Maggie had a problem of some issues. They come up with a new campaign to ensure that there is nothing wrong in Maggie now everything has been according to the law and rule and regulation. Once the damage happened then it takes a lot of time to recover so before the damage happened to try to sort out the issues as quickly as possible.

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