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Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of email marketing
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what is the benefit of email marketing and what is the email marketing strategy?

The basic idea or definition of email marketing is the marketing strategy where we communicate with our target audience with the help of an email is basically called as email marketing. we have used Facebook to connect with our audience we called it as facebook marketing. In the same way, any particular company who uses email as a medium to reach the audience is called email marketing.

what is the strategy of using email marketing in the real-time scenario? Can we reach new people directly?

First, the target group of email marketing is looking for a new prospective customer. One of the important point you have to remember is one of the limitations of email marketing is we can not reach new people with their preference with their data we don’t do that way.

email marketing here prospect customer are those people who are shown a little bit of interest in our product and service.

In that way, we are going to use to target the audience. Number two, we can target those who are already our customer. Let’s take an example of a network like say Amazon you see I am already a customer of Amazon I buy the product from Amazon but you see the idea is they able to retarget me and they can send me some offer email or they can able to send me new product so that whenever they send me an email offer according to my interest and my purchasing behavior on Amazon they are reaching to a customer who is already an existing customer. That’s also one strategy where the company targets the people who are an existing customer and the next way target the customer is a customer who we have already lost, you see some company big brand what happens due to some reasons the customer may have not purchased or not used your service for a lot of time. If you see for example six month of time he never backs to your website what we can do is we can able to even target those customers technically we have lost but with new feature and a new offer, we can able to target them. In short, we can say the people who have shown a little bit of interest in our brand or product, people who are already our existing customer and people who are we have already lost we an able to target with the help of email marketing.

If you considered the number of people using an email, you will find that there will come around more than 3.5 billion email account has been already created. The number of email id there in the world and today it is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the customer and the ability to give you the perfect return on investment(ROI)and give you the perfect message to your target customer.

Benefits of email marketing

. Email is most popular owned by every user. If you ask me a question if you have a phone you should definitely have email id no doubt about it. you just purchased one android phone automatically you need to create an account if are not Gmail user. Which means that the moment a person buys a phone definitely he will having an email id to reach that customer. I would also tell you there are so many out there they may have a phone but if ask them are you on facebook they will say no we are not in facebook, so many people will be there they don’t know what is Instagram , tweeter or LinkedIn what is the question here the email id is available with everyone so we have the potential to reach every target customer with the help of email marketing.

. 74% of customers prefer to receive commercial communication via email that reality even if you want to speak to the customer rather calling you to prefer to send an email. Most of the people prefer commercial communication via email so that they respond to them by their convenient time that way we can use email marketing effective way to reach our target audience.

. 66% of consumers purchase online due to email message even it happened with me many numbers of time lets say I am going through my email right what happened I get a specific coupon from Amazon I  will use that coupon and add to my Amazon as soon as I add the coupon I think about what product to buy?

Many times it happens that sales can be a figure with the help of proper emails communication and very important if go with BtoB you know you need to have a lot of email exchange and a lot of email connectivity with your potential prospect customer with a lot of information gives to them then the only the possibility that sales may be converted. So email is still very active in BtoB business point of views also it will be effective to connect with our potential customer and people buy based on email messages depending on the location to location.

. Easy to create and implement: one of the effective ways to use email marketing is that it is easy to create and also implement. If you use one the email marketing software you will see how easy to develop email marketing campaign you feel like its so fast and quick techniques to do the work.

. Target right audience @ right time you see you may have a funnel in the sense first the customer visited our website then he filled an inquiry form and then he has attended the demo, our funnel is register to attend the demo. Then finally he has to purchase the product and now depending on which part of the funnel is I know that person what is his interest, what is his mindset now and according to that particular funnel I can reach my target audience. That way I can reach the right audience @ right time. that is one of the biggest advantages also very high ROI compared to any other network email marketing is very cost effective. In short, we can say it has a very high ROI compared to any other network.

. Easy to track the result: how many people open the email, how many people click on the link, how many people bought the product, what was the order price we can also track all the information with the help of reporting and tracking. That’s the idea so I would say email marketing is the most effective way to connect with our potential customer and to reach our target audience.

What is the method and what is the types of email we send to our target audience so that we able to nurture him towards buying the product? The following types of email we send to our target audience:

. Awareness email

. Consideration email

. Conversion email

. Product usage email

. Retention and loyalty email

Depending on which customer are on which based on that we send different types of email so that we can reach our target audience in an effective manner.

Many people think that can I just send the mail via Gmail is that email marketing? The answer is no it is not a real email marketing it is just you communicating other people but technically it is not counted as professionally email marketing alright if you see professionally email marketing is done with some software. There is various software available in the market. such as. Mail Chimp



.Pure send

.Get response


Then we have high able CRM which also has email marketing in direct 1. Hubspot CRM and 2.Infusion CRM but remember these two are not only the email marketing software these two are above email marketing software called as CRM software. What is CRM and more about CRM I going to cover in my next article about inbound marketing.

The email marketing process or strategy will be we need to create an account on our platform. It can be mail chimp, it can be A Weber or it can be anything. The first thing we would like to do is create an account where we create a specific account our first goal is to get it on the account and then simply create our company’s details. Let assume I have created a mail chimp account then built a subscriber,  basically, the subscriber also called as an email list. what is email list? let’s take an example of I am running a program right, I want to know how many people are interested in my program I want their email see I can’t randomly send email to everyone and expect that someone will respond me and say yes I am interested in your program I can’t do. people buy email from a third-party vendor that is spammy techniques. We will use that strategy where people themselves will give an email to us that is a built subscriber option.

The next is a segment, imagine I have got 10 thousand subscribers of the user, you know what will segment will do the 10 thousand email id will divide in section meaning let’s see there may be a person who may be interested in digital marketing and he is only interested in classroom training so I would create one segment digital marketing classroom training. There may be another person who may be interested in digital marketing only in an online program or may be interested in web designing. You may say why we need to do segmenting? The reason for segmenting is if you want to send an email according to what they have chosen or what property they have selected according to we can send an email.

The last one is the goal, here you see before running a campaign we will set our goal, by doing this campaign what we are expecting according to that we will define our goal especially to target the audience and we will design our email campaign according to our goal.

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  1. A number of emails sent year-to-year is growing. In 2016 28% more emails were sent than in 2015! Great email marketing gives you 38 dollars for every 1 dollar spent! (via dm National client email report). That’s because email marketing is now a more powerful tool than ever and customers still like this way of communicating with brands.

  2. Indeed email marketing is helpful for business. It helps to create deeper relations with gloabl audience. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Email marketing is easy to implement and use in daily marketing activities and also helps businesses to create relations with their audience.

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